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You probably knew this already, since I wrote about it in my status post recently. But I know status posts don't reach your message center, so I'll repeat it. I recently got a lot of university work to do. And I mean a lot. I have to work maybe 4 to 8 hours a day until June.

So, until then I'm only going to upload small things, if I upload anything at all.

More pictures!
Even after my previous two journals, someone sent me another picture. Thanks a lot, BerrystarLover!
Pregnant Queen Cristina by BerrystarLover

Secret projects
So today I uploaded what would have been the last (and biggest) of 4 secret projects I planned to reveal each week.
Magic Date (working title) by Doom-the-wolfAmber's Pinball Journey (Incomplete) by Doom-the-wolfBreast physics experiment by Doom-the-wolfPreview: Amber's Journey 3 DX by Doom-the-wolf
I said "would have" because there's a little extra secret I started. I don't know if it will be ready for next week's preview, but I will upload it some time in the future.

Still, I hope you enjoyed these previews. Unfortunately, for the reason I mentioned earlier, I'll have to wait until the summer to start working on them.

That's all
Thanks for reading. Have fun.


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Not an animator. Not an artist.
A stubborn, lazy, bad-tempered wolf with a cold attitude.

Apparently necessary disclaimers
I am not an artist or an animator. Implying:
-My work does not follow any schedule or standards of quality control.
-I make no profit from these and, therefore, feel no need to adapt my work to the desires or needs of my viewers.
-The works here are not in any way a reflection of my professional skills or attitude.
-This website is my personal space, my sole purpose here is to have fun in my free time. My only responsibility here is to avoid violating the rules.

What I'm not going to do: This journal gives you an idea of what to avoid asking:…

Interactive expansion animation library: This library makes programming interactive expansion animations easier. The folder also contains the source code of one of my animations and detailed documentation:…

Contact info:
Visit my Skydrive gallery to see hidden pictures I've made.


Sorry, I'm busy these days. I suddenly got a whole lot of work to do in university. I'm postponing all of my projects to June or July. Only uploading small things until then.
Amber's Journey 3 trivia: While shooting fire, Dragon Amber's mouth is so hot that it will kill absolutely any enemy. Even fire proof ones. If you're damaged and temporarily invincible, you can run right through an enemy while breathing fire to kill it.

This was initially a glitch, but was discovered before release and left in the game to give players the tiniest bit of help against the relentless enemies in difficult stages.
Hey, you should watch Ozzy-Wildwind! He makes cute sketches of anthro, inflated and pregnant characters. Just look at them:
inflated Dragon Amber by Ozzy-Wildwind Another Holly belly by Ozzy-Wildwind Hyper belly Sky by Ozzy-Wildwind
Watch this artist: Gyro-Furry. He's really good at drawing and coloring anthro characters.
Werewolf girl by Doom-the-wolf by Gyro-Furry Zoey - Teasing by Gyro-Furry Sylvia - Relaxing by Gyro-Furry
On holidays (sort of). I won't be uploading much. I'm getting my scanner back, though.

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WolfOfDestinies Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New member Student General Artist
Request: Make An Animation Of Miltank Getting Big And Round From Drinking Milk Out Of Tubes Connected To Her Utters. If You Have The Time To Make This, I Would Love To See It!
Doom-the-wolf Featured By Owner 1 day ago
I see you're so young and full of vitality. You have a world of possibilities ahead of you. I'm sure if you concentrate really hard, you can learn to unlock all the secrets of Flash and create the best interactive animations on Deviantart. Don't give up.

Go do it yourself. I don't take requests.
BerrystarLover Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2015  Student General Artist
I made something for you:… :)
TotenkreuzEX Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2015
Oh man, I just noticed that Flipnote Studio 3D is actually a free download for Club Nintendo users. Did you download it yet?

Speaking of which, I'm wondering how to spend the rest of my points. I mean there's actual downloadable titles up, but then there's those SSB4 posters. If only I could choose 3 from both sets cause I want the Animal Crossing one and the Xenoblade one.
Doom-the-wolf Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2015
I don't think it's out yet in Europe. I received an e-mail from Nintendo saying they'd release it when they finish remodelling Club Nintendo. I think they said it would be in April.
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