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Quick journals! Journals that disappear quickly.

Another update
Sorry for the uncreative title. As I mentioned a few times, I've been reducing the number of journal entries I write. I've had two journal entries planned, but for some reasons I haven't written them yet.

One about DLC in video games. Truthfully, I'm kind of afraid to write it after seeing the comments I got on "I hate Nintendo" two years ago. I need to think carefully about how I write it. The other is a collection of short game reviews. I haven't written that one because Undertale is one of them and I... haven't quite explored the whole game yet. Please don't talk about it.

Future uploads
Did you like Valentine Vixen's birthday animation? I hope so. I have another interactive animation coming up in about two weeks (As you can tell on the schedule). It's not an inflation animation, but it's bouncy. I hope you'll enjoy this girl's belly, anyways.

More distant plans
The vision gets clearer as we get closer to the event

I have an interactive expansion animation coming soon. A real one this time. I don't know when. It's going to be kind of simple, though. Don't expect another Naomi Multi-Expansion any time soon. Those are incredibly difficult.

Let me see what else is in my ideas file... Something about a food based puzzle game. Oh, yes. Remember the Yoshi cookie game I made a few years ago? I can probably make something better than that. With real gameplay that doesn't draw your eyes away from the character's belly expanding. Yes, I'll do that some day.

Also, something about a new character. I have a sketch of a new character. I'm uploading it on the 25th of February. I think I still need to make a few minor changes to her design. I've been trying to apply anime style to an anthro character. Anime is extremely hard for me. It's like every single pixel makes a difference. I think I need more practise.

Tell me
Sometimes, it's nice to have a girlfriend you can talk to about your life, your good times, bad times, problems, hopes and dreams. Have you seen any girls in my gallery you would like to talk to about these things? Who is it? Let me know in the comments section.

I recently updated the "List of my characters" folder in my gallery to include some characters that weren't there before. You can check it out if you want.…

That's all
That was a bit longer and more unorganized than I expected. I hope you were able to get through it all. Thanks for reading my journal entry.


Not an animator. Not an artist.
A stubborn, lazy, bad-tempered wolf with a cold attitude.

Apparently necessary disclaimers
I am not an artist or an animator. Implying:
-My work does not follow any schedule or standards of quality control.
-I make no profit from these and, therefore, feel no need to adapt my work to the desires or needs of my viewers.
-The works here are not in any way a reflection of my professional skills or attitude.
-This website is my personal space, my sole purpose here is to have fun in my free time. My only responsibility here is to avoid breaking the rules.

What I'm not going to do: This journal gives you an idea of what to avoid asking:…

Contact info:
Visit my Hotmail Skydrive Onedrive gallery folders (Microsoft, stop changing things!) to see hidden pictures I've made.
Public folder:…
Secret Drawings:…


Doom's useless opinion:
In mathematics "=" signifies strict equality.
If you say "Doom = wolf", you're saying "Doom is wolf" and "Wolf is Doom" are both equally valid.

Try the following substitutions:
Doom = wolf --> Doomwolves
I = sad --> emotion(I) = sad

Yes, I'm bored. Also tired.
No! Get this thing out of my way.

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Your name is Doom the wolf? Hi! I am Gaze the wolf X3
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Hello. Welcome to my page. My name really isn't Doom. You can call me Max. I have the feeling my page is not a good place for you to be.
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Hey, Doom. About that Interactive Pregnant Espeon flash project, it actually inspired me to make my OC Crystal the Espeon.…
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