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This is the last time I'm going to talk about this issue, so I hope this journal entry will not bother you too much. Sorry for making it so long, but I need to put an end to this topic, which I feel like I left open ended in my previous journal entry.

The story
Last year I wrote a journal on feminism in video games, where I said that video games are not the cause of sexism and are not in any need of reform. Earlier this year, I wrote another, more serious journal entry about "GamerGate", a movement dedicated to prevent corruption in the video game media. Apparently, the video game media had been influenced by the developers they were reporting on and were conspiring to cover it up. "GamerGate", unfortunately, ended up being very strongly associated with sexist gamers.

After looking into it, I could not find any unbiased sources with evidence of any such conspiracy. By unbiased, I mean sources that were not somehow involved in the issue or had an agenda to push. So, even though it was a compelling story to me, I had to dismiss the idea.

"GamerGate" has been strongly associated with sexism, so I would recommend anyone who uses it to abandon it already. Also, "-gate" should never be used anywhere ever.

An apology
So, today I want to apologize to all the people who supported the movement to bring more character diversity into video games. In absence of a proper name for this movement, and to shorten the journal, I will refer to the people as feminists.

Personally, I feel like there's a lack of family-friendly video games with colorful environments and mascot style characters. If it weren't for Nintendo, I would barely have any of these games to play at all.

I think feminists have a similar problem, but without a "Nintendo" to support them. I can see that games today frequently present women as objects of desire. While it makes these games nicer to look at from my perspective, it's rather repetitive and frustrating to a lot of other people who cannot properly empathize with the characters they control and interact with.

Just to make my position clear, I am a feminist by its official definition. That means I support giving women the same rights and opportuntities as men.

Note to people opposing feminism in video games
I was on this side before. My main reason was that I feared they might get games banned, or take control of the industry. But I realized that it's a ridiculous fear.

Games are not going to get banned. If they do, I'll be happy to support the movement to unban them. I heard Grand Theft Auto V was banned in some stored in Australia, but this was the decision of the store and not a government ban. If one store stops selling a game, they miss out on the money. Other stores will sell it.

Feminists are not going to take control of the industry. The industry is mostly driven by money. If there is a large enough demand for a certain type of game, that game will be made. Don't worry, games like Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty, Dead or Alive and Mortal Kombat will continue to exist (espite how much I don't really like any of them).

The worst thing that can happen is that developers will produce games with more character diversity and less focus on attractive women. Is this really a bad thing? Don't we want more games that include everyone?

My last comment on the topic
While I support the feminist movement in video games, I don't consider their target a real problem, but rather a frustrating inconvenience. I wish them luck in obtaining the games they want to play, but I will not be taking part in it.

One thing I will continue to oppose is anyone who claims that objectifying women should be removed from games entirely. There are actually people claiming this. Developers should be allowed to create and sell games with whatever content they want (other than illegal things, like posting someone's personal information or copyright violations).

That's all I have to say on the topic. If you didn't like it, you can be glad it's over.


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